As if earth needed another environmental problem, it now has single-use face masks to worry about… The use of single-use face masks are becoming normalised, but they are NOT good for our planet. Single-use surgical masks cause an enormous amount of plastic waste, as it contains the plastic ‘Polypropylene’. Polypropylene breaks down into microplastics, which pollute water and harm marine wildlife.

To protect our planet from further damage, environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternatives must be used.


Yes, we are encouraging people to stop using single-use face masks. Wearing a face mask is crucial in the battle against Covid-19, but it shouldn’t put further stain on on the earth’s current envoinmental fight against waste.

You can opt for an environmentally friendly alternative!

According to Oceans Asia (2020) an estimated 1,56 billion face masks will have entered the ocean in 2020 and the number will grow (tremendously) if we don’t stop or responsibly dispose of single-use face masks.

Image: Ocens Asia.Org

Buying a washable and reusable face mask, made from natural fibers is a great option – and paramount in the light of the shocking rise in single-use face masks making their way into our oceans


Our COVID-19 protective shirt is another excellent alternative – that has a far less harmful environmental footprint than single-use face masks. The shirt is manufactured predominantly from natural fibers and is made to last. It provides the wearer with proven protective results, that will outlive the current pandemic and provide protection against other forms of airborne droplets – that may put us at risk in the future.  

Our Covid Protective Shirts are sent to wearers along with a medical-grade air filter insert that snugly fits within the inside of the mouth-covering slip of the shirt. Although this is a disposable aspect of the shirt, the filter insert can be reused for up to a minimum of 10 washes and we strictly advise that it be used in high-risk situations only!

A Few Facts about our Pure-Air ™ Covid-19 Protective Shirt

Prevention is better than cure!

We strive to educate all global citizens on the proven protective cabailities of our Covid-19 Protective Shirt and the ongoing defense it offers humanity.

Comfort and convenience were top priorities within our design process and so the obverse covering portion of our shirt, easily pulls up over the face – without any hinderance. It provides the wearer with comfortable and adjustable, 360-degree coverage and protection. And to take things a step further, the shirt is fully equipped with the standard triple-layered fabrication – which provides the necessary day-to-day protection. The outer layer of the shirt is 100% cotton. With the next two layers formulated from a polyester gauze, creating a subtle bacteria-killing static charge – whilst the wearer goes about their day.

Our high-risk filters have been tested and certified by the Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science of the University of Stellenbosch and comply with the requirements set by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition to the standard every-day 3-layer protection (which adheres to the South African governmental regulations) our  ISO14664 certified protective filter, can be integrated in the neck of the shirt. However, (as mentioned) we caution that it is only to be used in high-risk areas such as at: hospitals, large events, sport stadiums and the likes.

We hope this brings to light some of the environmental effects of the single-use face mask, that may have been overlooked  – but likewise, some of the innovative alternatives you have at your disposal.

So when you mask tomorrow, let it be a more earth-friendly option and let’s continue this important conversation. Tell your friends, family and your neighbour too, because what we do today makes every bit of a difference for our future!

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