Filter Specifications

The World Health Organisation recommends the wearing of a face mask or face covering in all public spaces. This is due to the respiratory infection being transmitted through droplets of different sizes.

Droplet transmission occurs when an infected person, with respiratory symptoms such as sneezing or coughing, is in close contact (less than 1 metre) with another person. Airborne particles can further be transmitted through talking and the touching of infected surfaces.

Convenient, Comfortable and Certified

The Pure-Air™ Covid-Protective Shirt and medical-grade ISO14664 certified protective filter have been designed to entrap all socially transmitted air particles greater than 5 microns.

The Pure-Air™ COVID Protective Shirt containing the Brits D15 filter element, has been tested under the ISO 14644 “Particle Transfer” trial.  It was proven to offer a barrier against particles greater than 5 µm (microns), when secreted at the speed associated with either coughing or sneezing.

Tests by the Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science of the University of Stellenbosch confirm that the filter is certified to meet medical-grade standards and complies with the requirements set by the World Health Organization (WHO). The mask’s certified calibration design can successfully entrap any particle size of 5µm and above. It is reusable for up to a minimum of 10 (washed and re-used) uses but is cautioned to only be expended within high-risk zones.

The Pure-Air™ medical-grade ISO14664 certified protective filter can also entrap smaller particles but holds out to be 95% effective on droplets greater than 5 microns.

Find more information on The Pure-Air™ medical-grade COVID protective filter specifications below.

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