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The idea of face masks as a separate item of clothing frequently bears an inconvenience. They can be left behind and are often ill-fitting – causing discomfort for the wearer. Other times they can be difficult to breathe through, causing further uneasiness. Single-use face masks may be slightly more convenient, but one would need to consider the global population figure of 7.9 billion – and the serious impact that single-use masks are currently placing on our oceans’ sustainability.

Derived from the concept of convenient protection – Pure Air™ is proud to share its original design with the globe. Offering a practical solution and a sustainable alternative for wearers, Pure-Air™ is the legitimate originator of the World’s First Covid-19 Protective Shirt. The design was officially launched by its founder Andrew King, in June of 2020 in South Africa.

Together with his team, Andrew developed the revolutionary product – by recognizing the significance regularity of mask culture. Initial development of the Pure-Air™ product range ensured that all legal documents including licensing, registrations and copyrights were properly compiled, thus providing surety to the individuals or organisations, who wish to make use of the Pure-Air™ designs. Whether it be for branding, sponsorships or private use – they will have the opportunity to do so, with the protection of their brand integrity legitimately cared for, as well as the importance of creating a safe and effective product.  

The Pure-Air™ COVID Protective Shirt houses an ISO14664 certified medical-grade filter that can be optionally inserted into the neck of the high-quality, medium weight, cotton top. The design can be worn as an outer garment or as a vest.

The shirt is designed with a built-in protective neck piece which is easily pulled up over the face. The triple-layered protective neck-piece houses a removable filter which provides additional protection against any socially transmitted airborne particles. 

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